About Us

“Svijet osiguranja” (The World of Insurance) is the first expert and popular, market-oriented, independent magazine for law, economics and practice in insurance and reinsurance; this is the reason why it co-operates on equal terms with all insurance companies in Croatia and the region.

The magazine is published by a private company TECTUS d.o.o. which has established itself in the financial, packaging, graphical and security industry. Beside “Svijet osiguranja”, we were publishing expert and popular magazines “Ambalaža, REGprint” and “Zaštita”.

”Svijet osiguranja” has been coming out for 21 years, during which it has become a magazine you can trust owing to its serious editorial politics. Our texts are of high quality, informative and instructive; their authors are the most famous journalists and experts from the area of finances.  We offer many scientific and expert sections, current news from insurance and reinsurance markets in Croatia and abroad, interviews with ministers and other government officials, managing directors and other insurance experts, legal advice; we also answer readers’ questions.

Information technology and digitalization is indispensable in insurance industry, therefore it is a topic in almost every issue, and the magazine organizes the conference “Information and Communications Technology and Insurance” (ICTI), traditionally held this year, for the 19th time.  We also organize round tables and seminars on current issues of our profession.

From 2006. we are official organizer of Susret osiguravača i reosiguravača Sarajevo, (the “Sarajevo Meeting of Insurers and Reinsurers”) popular SorS, the biggest meeting of insurance and reinsurance managers and brokers, where we host around 200 people, from the region and 30 other countries from Canada to South Korea.

The magazine is the media sponsor of the Days of Croatian Insurance, which are organized by the Croatian Insurance Bureau and the Insurers Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

The magazine “Svijet osiguranja” has a regional character, comes out ten times a year, its press run is 3000 copies, and it is being distributed to the Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegrin, Croatian, Macedonian, Slovenian and Serbian insurance market.

Join the wide circle of our subscribers who are aware of important information constantly provided by the “World of insurance”.

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